Learning Our Way Forward

October 21, 2023
Learning Our Way Forward

In 2023, record-breaking heat has made it the hottest year ever, prompting a mass migration from mid-latitudes to northern regions due to extreme weather, rising temperatures, and economic instability. However, even in the global north, climate change's impact is felt, with food and water scarcity in the American West and insurance companies declining coverage for flood and fire-prone areas.

This mounting pressure on local populations compels tough decisions regarding resource needs and availability. While the path forward remains uncertain, we aim to uncover effective solutions for a resilient and resource-secure future. Join us on October 21st as we explore collaborative efforts to navigate towards a more sustainable world.

How will the choices we make today lead to climate resilience and resource security tomorrow?

Join us on October 21st as we explore how working together, we can learn our way to a more sustainable future.

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